April 14, 2011

after finally having the chance to register
for my classes for this coming up fall and grabbing 
lunch with daddy and munchkins, 
we came home to be outdoors until dinner.
while daddy mowed-
we made necklaces with hemp string and beads
 that I have recycled over the years.
here's the later part of our day.


modeling his necklace :)
modeling her necklace!
the braided necklace I made.
adriana's braided loose bun. 
daddy mowing with allergies. poor thing.
a refreshing salad for dinner. 
I promise there's lettuce in there!
my favorite, roasted garlic!


  1. mmm.. roasted garlic.. so delish!

    I love it that you took time to make necklaces with your little ones, I remember I used to love making friendship bracelets with my sister. And your little man looks so cute modeling his necklace. He's even got that serious "model" look down. jaja!

  2. We roasted some garlic earlier this week- thanks for making me crave it again, woman!!!

  3. @betsy- I love taking time out my busy schedule to sit with them every day, usually comes about an hour before dinner until they go to bed unless I don't have school that day but they love doing little crafts with me and I love being their mommy who loves doing crafts <3 And I heart that picture of him, he seriously looked at me and said, mommy take a picture of me with my necklace and modeled off his look!!

    @dusti- i'm sorry! go make more ;)

  4. Looks like you had a great time! :D How fun!