my [basic H2] review.

April 12, 2011

Why I picked Shaklee's Basic H2:
I thought of taking this opportunity because I have been
 looking high and low for an all organic product I could use 
around my entire house and on my produce 
that was safe enough for my family and our pup.
Low and behold, I found Erin Branscom's blog
[an amazing mother and independent Shaklee distributor] and 
found just what I had been looking for.
 Sure I could make my own stuff, but I wanted something
more powerful and more multi-tasked. 

This was just what I needed. 
 It was an opportunity to receive a free trial 
 do a review and share with my followers
 which I knew you all would love because
 who couldn't use an all organic, powerful, 
cleaner around the house?
By the time I had made the cleaner, which I must say
 took two seconds and was super cinch, 
I was sold and I'm never going back.
however, if I'm going to be honest, 
I was sold at the fact this could clean the
 icky grime off of my not always able to buy 
organic fruits and veggies.

This stuff is as s u p e r as the little package it comes in, says.
Because it is so concentrated you only need
 a little bit to take you a long way.
 2 drops in 16oz of clean (purified) water all in a spray bottle
 to clean windows and mirrors
  and 1/4 tsp into 16oz of water in a spray bottle 
to make an all purpose cleaner.
 Literally, the best thing since sliced bread.
be excited.

basic H2 how to
 my creative beast creation spray bottle <3
 this is the little package the concentrated basic H2 came in.

 to the right of the package is the little 2mL bottle.

 1/4 of a tsp!


 ready to go!

 super easy.

 all in, unshaken.

 shake shake shake- basic H2!

the real test: does it work?
 disgusting window- courtesy of little hands and pup.

 sprayed with basic H2- no drip away's
which was awesome!

 the wipe down with newspaper.
tip: I use newspaper instead of cloth or paper towels
it doesn't leave residue and it wipes away clean

 yes, it works!
clean as a whistle.

up next: clean my veggies.
totally took advantage and multi tasked, 
 washed my veggies (white carrots, red potatoes, brussel sprouts & squash)
for dinner with Basic H2 even though
they were organic and it made a great difference.
double check.

now the real test: tough stains.
 yes, gross. its my burner rings.
 in my defense, I didn't clean them 
 knowing I was doing a Basic H2 review
 and I wanted to put it to the true test.

 holy moly clean!
triple check.

 It passed all of my tests and I am 
totally giving Basic H2 two thumbs up.
This stuff is a big deal
 and I hope you enter my giveaway to 
be one of five winners to win this stuff.
you'll get the same 2mL bottle 
and get to go clean crazy in your house!


  1. Yay! I am really excited for this giveaway, it comes at the perfect time being in a new house, I haven't bought any cleaner yet. I am hoping the stars align in my favor for this one. :)

  2. It would be awesome for you! This stuff is so great, I am trying to get mommies, friends and really just anybody to enter so they can have the chance to win- that's how awesome I think this product really is! good luck love <3

  3. I need a good cleaner with the condo on the market and hopefully a new place soon. I love how that cleans the stove burners. Mine are in bad shape right now. Is it similar to bac out?

  4. I have never used bac out, I usually used other green cleaners that did the job but you could still smell the chemical mess in it- with this, you have no smell and it cleans just as good as the other cleaners- IF not better. That's why I'm so sold on it and sharing it with everyone.

  5. this cleaner sounds amazing... and thanks for sharing the tip about using newspaper instead of paper towels! I'll definitely have to try that :)

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  7. i am already a follower of her blog!