earth day & giveaway winner.

April 22, 2011

Champion the idea of one love
All people the same
One beautiful race
Making a home of this beautiful place
And be grateful for the precious gifts of life
Sunshine and Water
Food from the greatest giver
jason mraz

we love our mother Earth right?
 without what's under our feet
 above our heads
 and all around us
 we would be mush 
 and pretty non existent.
 so we should take care of her, 
and celebrate her every day-
 not just one day out of the whole year. 
 BUT because this day was coined
 "Earth day"
 we should appreciate all of it's greatness
 by getting dirty with plants, 
 saving rain water in a water bin to water your flowers, 
 or just a simple wink up to the sky 
 and whispering, hey thanks mother earth
 for being there for me no matter what.

I am happy to announce
  as the winner of my giveaway!
 she won a fabulous big bow carpet bag,
 one head wrap, a necklace hand made 
 my munchkins and I, one container of Mama K's
 modeling clay, yummy earth lollipops and a
 print from my upcoming etsy shop.
 congratulations love.
 I will be emailing you within the week.
ps  share this with your girls!

I have another fabulous giveaway
coming up from a lovely follower in May. 
 you won't want to miss it!
happy earth day love birds.


  1. Happy Earth Day! I love the earth and heart cookies. <3

    and congratulations to the winner. :D

  2. YAY! You could probably hear me shrieking with joy over at your place... ;) The girls are jealous... I may have to share with them! You've made my night, thanks Tia! :) Oh, and cookie making looks fun! Happy, happy Earth Day! Yay!

  3. @samantha- happy Earth day to you too!! we loved making them.

    @simply smitten- lady love, I am honored for you to be the winner <3 and you must share!! they wanted this as bad as you and you're their momma. I am happy this made your night. The cookie making was fun, we enjoyed making our frosting and turning it colors and then making our little mother earth planets. happy Earth day to you!

  4. Cute cute earty cookies! <3 Happy Earth day, and congrats to Simply Smitten/Mom! I am jealous. LOL