time travel: adriana mackenzie

April 02, 2011

back to 2006.
 soon to be five in July.
a little Q&A with the sassy little lady herself.

Q1: What's your favorite food?
A1: hm. pancakes but I really love salad with a little bit of carrots, lots of
cucumbers, the soft green stuff (avocado), red onion & Italian dressing.

Q2: If you could do one thing right now, what would you do?
A2: I would bake!!

Q3: What would you bake?
 A3: chocolate cupcakes with colorful 
frosting and rainbow sprinkles!
 Q4: What's your favorite color?
 A4: red. but ask me again.
 (so I did)
 purple. can you ask me again?
 yellow and blue- I like all colors!

 Q5: What's your favorite movie?
A5: Tinkerbell & The little mermaid. 
(she looked at me like, duh mom).

Q6: What's your favorite book?
A6: My Junie B Jones chapter books 
cause you read them to me.

Q7: What do you love listening to?
A7: The birds outside my window in the
morning, and dancing music.

Q8: What's something you are really excited about?
A8: Going to kindergarten!!  and birthday parties.

 Q9: What sport do you like playing the most?
 A9: shooting the basketball with ry's 
basketball hoop in his room.

Q10: What are some things you love about nature?
A10: The tree's are beautiful, specially ours and
flowers too, OH! and dandelions. we can't forget those.

Q11: Who's your best friend in the whole world?
A11: (she went off naming everybody with her fingers and explaining why!) 
Aunt Sara because she's the best, Keelin because shes beautiful, 
Dalaen because she loves shoes,  Nataleigh because shes so cute,
my little brother because he's my brother
and daddy because he loves me so much.

Q12: What's your favorite animal?
 A12: Sassy and Molly and meerkats!

Q13: What is something you like doing with mommy?
A13: painting and singing!!

Q14: What's your favorite flavor ice cream?
A14: I like the icy fruit flavors but I really like cotton candy! 
Q15: Do you want this interview to end?
 A15:  please?!

mommy: (thinking out loud) I look like a poop sandwich today.
 addi: um, mom. you look awesome.

 I couldn't have asked for a tinier bundle of happiness, 
love and sass, all in one package. 
The smartest and sweetest little lady I know, thank you 
 for showing me how to be patient
 and to be more optimistic.
mommy loves you.


  1. Can't believe our girls are going to be 5 this summer! Weren't they just born yesterday?!

  2. How fabulous is that interview? Awesome, thanks for sharing! :D

  3. @dusti- it sure seems like it. we need to come up and see the chicks- very soon and have a play date.

    @taylor- very! thanks <3

  4. You're welcome! :D