recipe box: three

April 29, 2011

 avocado & roasted garlic spread

what you need
 ripe avocados: two
 head of garlic: one
 extra virgin olive oil: two tablespoons
 salt & pepper: to taste
lemon: one

what to do
preheat oven to 350.
peel garlic.
 roast the entire head of garlic in foil pouch 
or pan with one tablespoon of evoo
for about 30 minutes.

 remove pit and dice avocado in a bowl.
 smash the avocado until desired consistency.
(we like it chunky but smooth is good too)
 add salt and pepper to taste
 squeeze entire lemon over avocado
 (this allows the avocado to stay green)

once garlic is done- smash until smooth.
 it will be super easy to do since it is soft from roasting.
add garlic to avocado 

spread on french baguettes, crackers,
with tortilla chips or on your favorite sandwich!

and of course, enjoy.


  1. sounds super good! I will be trying it soon :)

    Thanks for teling us about this great recipe!

  2. This sounds tasty. I have never roasted a garlic before, it is about time I do that.

  3. mmmmmmmm.
    whats better than avocado and garlic?

    I never roast garlic that way.. I always chop the top, pour in olive oil, and then wrap in foil. but I know Eric does it your way. MMMMM.

  4. @beatrice- you're welcome!

    @samantha- try it and let me know what you think!

    @drea- nothing! you're right. I do it the way you mentioned when I'm making pizza and I squeeze it out onto my dough. I do it the way I put on here for spreads so I don't have to worry about the peel. The very best part of roasting garlic is popping them in my mouth like pop corn or baby roasted potatoes. they are delicious all on their own!

  5. That looks SO good, Tia! Thanks for the recipe. I will have to make it for my husband- he loves avocado.