exciting things going on, here!

April 08, 2011

yes, I am happy to announce that there are some
 very exciting things happening here at two birds on a wire
in the next couple of weeks. I have an earth friendly, 
happy house, giveaway from a lovely lady
Erin Branscom and a review I'm doing on one
of her Shaklee Products Basic H2- so stay tuned-
You'll want to be a part of this!

I'm one person away from 50 followers-
this is a very exciting thing for me. I love
 that my blog is growing and I love all of you
for following along with my non sense and adventures.
 I will think of a great giveaway soon for all of you loyal
 bloggers for sticking with me.

 Lastly, I've got some pictures from the last couple of days
 that I didn't get around to editing until now. 
happy weekend loves!
munchkin photo shoot.  clothes were thrift finds.
I fell in love with Adriana's skirt and Ryland's tee.

mommy necklace. strawberries. parsley.
vintage vases. basil. centerpiece. soaking veggies.

Want a cool tip?
 If you have lemons that have been sitting for a while and aren't usable- don't waste them, clean with them! I use them to polish up the sink and then throw them into the food disposal exposing the scent of lemon throughout my house. Also if you want to use lemons as decoration, why not make them make your house smell lemony? take a meat (poker) tenderizer or a fork and poke through the skin of the lemon slightly all over and arrange where you'd like- I guarantee you'll never go back to just letting them sit there!

 Another cool tip-
say what?
 yes, I said it!
 I use small vases, glass cups or even jars to display my herbs as decoration when I'm not chopping them up in my food. As seen up in my pictures, it looks really good and it only took two seconds to do. So if you're entertaining and forgot flowers or a centerpiece, and it results in panic and desperation- use your herbs!!


  1. I do the same thing with my lemons and herbs! Ha! great minds think alike =) Cute little ones!! I love that they are wearing thrifted!
    Have a great weekend
    xoxo-Keri Bohemian Backbone

  2. Congrats on almost making 50 followers! Yay, that's great! I'll definitely check out your giveaway, once you post it. :) And I love that photo of the mommy necklace! It's fabulous!

  3. @Keri- Thank you love. I love using things around the house or reusing, to enhance another part of my house. it's fabulous.

    @Taylor- exciting right?! I'll be posting the giveaway later today or tonight, maybe even tomorrow depending on the bad storms that are headed my way this afternoon and tonight. sigh. The heart with mommy on it was part of a charm bracelet I had, wore all the time and broke on me- and for Christmas my best friend Emily and brother give me the a&r w/birthstones necklace- so I thought hey, why not remake the necklace and put them all together and use my hemp thread to do it. So I did and I love it. <3

  4. Hi blogger friend! Thanks for th sweet comment. Your kids couldn't be cuter!

  5. Awesomeness- I'll have to check out the giveaway, then! Great job with the necklace, too. :)

    Taylor Lynn <3

  6. Love the centerpiece! I like it better than cut flowers any day.