busy, busy, fun!

April 30, 2011

woke up, refreshed ourselves with banana muffins & got dressed for the day. 
 we went to lunch, got Ryland a hair chop, bought lots at the craft store, swung on the swings at the playground, got our favorite frozen yogurt then finished off by going to the grocery store where we stocked up on fresh veggies and headed home.
 the rest of our day is in pictures.
we ended our day by making our rock boxes.

our barley and birch fishy tee came today!
 we love it, thanks again ladies.

 "sticky pictures" not stickers 
but push on images.

they love them. 
 they had been asking me for weeks 
if they could make "rock boxes"
 to put their collection of rocks and dried flowers in. 
 so we finally took care of it today!


  1. Looks like so much fun!!!

    You sorbet looked so yummy! I love sorbet :)

    The boxes the kids made look great, my brothers and sisters love to make things like that!

    Super creative :)

  2. Jack and I definitely need to make collection boxes, right now we are just using a shoe box.

    Sounds like a super fun day! <3

  3. Ooh, I love butterflies... the boxes are great! And that kiwi looks SO GOOD... LOL Yum!

    It looks like you had fun! :)

  4. The boxes are adorable, looks like a super fun day! :)

  5. Very cute! <3 It looks (and sounds) like they had fun! :)