my journey: why I blog

March 30, 2012

I've been trying to come up with a post for a while now that really tells all about why I blog. I found myself at no other time better after meeting and making new friends at the NC blog meet up- to formulate my thoughts and go through all of my scribbles. I have a book that contains a bunch of nonsense that would be completely foreign to anyone who attempted to read it, but it's a way for me to keep everything remembered. I hadn't up until a few months ago really given thought to the real reason I started my blog back up again early last year and I feel like it is an appropriate time to dedicate and organize just why I do what I do. I dedicate a lot of this thought to Jessica at Boho Baby Bump as well because she arose the question and recorded some of the girls at the NC meet up answering it. I for some reason or another, didn't get the chance to say why I blog but it's a valid reason to do it here!

I suppose you could say I started blogging again because I needed to find a voice in this big world. And somewhere in there is truth. I wanted to be able to have a place where I could share my thoughts and idea's whether I had people listening or not. I keep things so built up, even things that excite me- until I nearly burst at the seams and then I vent to whomever will listen. That's kind of what I made this blog for- as an outlet. I needed a place where I could be raw and honest and to complete strangers. It was soon there after that I wanted that sense of community within bloggers and in reading some of the blogs I started with really inspired me to grow- not just as a woman but as a mother and a blogger. 

I share a lot through pictures. I tend to write less and show more but just recently, it's winded down and I'm writing more. I suppose I'm becoming more opinionated in the blogging world and I no longer fear to share it. I do however, have a passion for photography and have really found a niche within my camera. It's nothing fancy. And I'm not a professional by any means. But when I'm behind the camera, I feel like I have this other more creative eye for the world, for my kids, for myself. It's the oddest thing- and I'm not sure if it's because I've been taught by such amazing professors at UNCG or if it is something I've grown into. I still love painting and crafting, they will always have my heart but this machine has me so tuned in. It's really inspired me to do a lot of the posts I have done because I have a picture to go off of- a narrative.

Most importantly, I blog for my kids. The pictures above were taken for a dance project I did last semester. It was a final project where we had to think of why we move, what is the purpose of our movement and breaking it down. My answer was that I move for my kids from the moment I wake up to the moment I lay my head down to sleep. It's the same concept here, my blog revolves around my kids, my family. I do want to talk more about the every day struggles I have as a mother combined with being a student because I more times than none write about what great things we are accomplishing and how much fun we do have on a good day- which aren't every day. I have been planning some posts for a while now and just need to find a successful way to put it all together and finally post. Those will come soon. Adriana has a lot of interaction with my blog- she sits with me from time to time and reads what I type. She gets excited about the pictures I post and sometimes helps me pick them out. It gives so much more meaning to know she loves it too. I love sharing our adventures, though I know they get so irritated with me when I want to take a lot of pictures- I know it's worth it.

It's also where I can catch a break, even when I can't find that break and I miss so much time in between posts. It's almost a sort of meditative state of mind for me, to sit at the computer with my fingers doing all of the talking and my mind at ease. Each post is like a new step. I try new things, recipes, crafts, products so that I can share those things with you all in hopes that you will enjoy them just as much as I have. It's also a way for me to organize the things I have done and in case I forget what to do or how long to cook something, I have it all- neatly here, like my personal filing cabinet. 

On a more personal level- I just a few weeks ago got my first negative feedback on my blog. It was evident that the intentions by whoever posted it was meant to hurt me. I had noted in the past where other bloggers had deleted their negative comments or changed their settings so that only certain people can comment- to avoid the hurt some people just absolutely have to share with others, but I didn't want to do that. I, for the first time had a real reason to feel proud of the job I have done with this blog and how much I love doing this. I won't let someone bring me down because it makes them feel better. It gave me more reason to do what I do no matter what other people think. If I'm not strong enough, even though it did hurt my feelings deep down, then why have this blog? If I can't take others opinions, even when negative, than why have this blog? Well it's simple. I know who I am and why I do what I do. I will continue because I believe in myself, regardless of the people who don't. I grew more than it hurt me. And I'm sure it will happen more and not everyone will like what I do but that's okay.

So more than anything, I also blog because it inspires me to do and try new things. I am constantly in awe of the ladies I follow and the new one's I find. I will forever be inspired by the fabulous ladies on the left side of my blog and also to those who don't have a button I can share, ahem Mrs. Cheerio - each and every one of them is amazing.

If it wasn't for the creation of two birds on a wire I wouldn't have met some of the friends I have made and learned so much from. I wouldn't have been able to share my crafts with others so that they may inspire others. I wouldn't have been able to make such an easy cookbook for my brother and his girlfriend, my best friend; with my recipe box feature. I also wouldn't have been able to be inspired by Adriana's lunches so much that others would notice and love them and bring great and amazing opportunities which I am so thankful for.

It's just like anything else I partake in- I'm dedicated and put my entire heart into it. I am so grateful to all of my readers who have made this journey worth while and I thank you, a million times, thank you. I hope to exceed my expectations for this blog and I do hope you'll stay with and join me for the journey.


  1. i loved your reasons for blogging! i can't wait to one day look back with my boys at all the memories (good and bad) that we shared. and i know i'll be so happy that i kept track of all the crazy things that gage says.

    but for me, my blogging is more of a selfish reason. i just love to write. when i blog, it's kind of like the random thoughts that are inside my head. so if i weren't typing it out, i'd probably just be talking to myself. :)

    1. thank you lady! I absolutely love reading your blog. I get such a flippin kick out of gage. I keep meaning to grab a button when I come over to your blog but then forget by the time I leave because I've gotten so into going through your older posts that I have missed reading. I blame it on old age ;) I don't think it's selfish at all- I think you are doing what you love and tell me about it, I talk to myself anyways, this is the perfect escape to just jot everything down!!

  2. Oh wow. I adore this post. Nicely written and so full of heart and soul!! LOVE IT :)
    Sorry about the negative comment - what did they say? Ha-ha, I'm nosey ;) Sorry they did that though :( I've gotten them as well (e-mails TOO believe it or not) and it is what it is I guess.
    Anywho, your kids will think your blog is absolutely wonderful when they are older. <3
    Happy weekend!!

    1. Thanks! um if you go to the lunch box posts, you'll see what I'm talking about. It's most obviously someone that I know and they didn't want me to know by putting anonymous and then used a passive aggressive comment to try and make the situation, nice but not so nice. I think that's really the only reason why it hurt my feelings- but I quickly got over it because it's a part of life. :) I do hope that when they do grow older they will love looking back on it.

  3. Tia, I love this post and I love your blog- it is one of the happier, brighter, sweeter blogs I follow and I am SO glad to have found you! I think you have such great things to share: your photos, of course, and I always love your food posts, but I especially appreciate your gentleness and kindness.

    Keep posting! You gave wonderful things to say and people who want to hear them!

    1. well I super appreciate you as a friend and fellow blogger. It means a lot to me on so many levels that we have connected the way we have through our blogs. I thank you so much for your sweet words, my heart is beyond happy. <3