giveaways you should enter!

April 16, 2011

Okay ladies, I have decided that there are so many 
giveaway's going on right now that I have to make just one
 lump post of how awesome you all are and how fabulous the
 giveaway gifts are if chosen. I hope you don't mind that you share
 the spotlight with others!!

1. Meet Samantha! This fabulous lady at her blog heart shaped leaves
is giving away amazing earth day goodies including this

2. Meet Rebekah! Her blog the yellow pepper is garden and food savvy.
She is having a super giveaway by a lovely lady, Beatrice at sew bea, who is giving
 away something from her awesome handmade store BeaTea & Company!


And don't forget my giveaway- you guys still have a chance
 to enter and have a chance to win an amazing all organic cleaner via
healthy branscoms. check out my review of the Basic H2 product
and enter the giveaway!!


  1. Thanks lady! <3

    and I am going to go check out that other giveaway too. :)

  2. you totally should, its awesome!!!