all things

April 07, 2011

I have always read and been told that the color
yellow can really make you feel good-
 if its the first color you see in the 
morning, you'll wake up happier, 
 if you eat a banana or smell a lemon
 it instantly wakes you up and 
puts you in a good or better mood. 
 now, who wouldn't want that?

 my kitchen has bursts of 
yellow here and there and I 
 can honestly say- it works!

bees wax candles. 
yummy yellow fruit & tile vase. 
pineapple, wheat pasta & evoo.
lemons in bamboo.
yellow daisies.
 this is the spot of yellow in my life.

now go brighten your day with the color of sunshine
 bite into this 

 or smell this 

 or walk on this 

 or even walk bare foot here.

feel refreshed yet?
I know I do!


  1. Yellow is one of my favorites. I love everything yellow except for bananas! :)

    Love your items and images you chose!

  2. It really did brighten my day... I have been cleaning most of the week and when I saw all the things that were yellow it made feel more refreshed!!

    Thanks so much :)

  3. Wonderful photos, I love that picture of the yellow pepper. And I can't wait to walk barefoot in warm grass!

  4. Great post! There is such a thing called Color Therapy! Thanks for following me, returning the favor!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle Be sure to visit my CUSTOM bracelet giveaway that ends TODAY!

  5. @drea- but bananas do such wonderful things!! ;) I don't like them in my smoothies or anything for that matter, I just like eating the banana right from the peel- yellow makes a crappy day bright.

    @Beatrice- I'm so happy it brightened your day and go you for cleaning all week! treat yourself to something nice, lady!

    @Taylor- warm grass sounds wonderful- adriana and ryland love walking barefoot in freshly mowed fine grass :)

    @Marcy- I read up on it the minute I read your comment, how wonderful. you're welcome, thanks for following back <3 & I certainly will!!

  6. I know, doesn't it sound LOVELY?! I can't wait for the warmth of summer!

  7. such pretty yellow pictures :o)

    you better post lots of pics when you make that swirly spongecake. I'm already dying to see it!

  8. My wardrobe mainly consist of black/white/gray items but last year I saw this yellow jacket in a shop window and I had to buy it. I've been told that yellow attracts bugs but I don't care, I ♥ it.

    P.S. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, that allowed me to track you down and found your pretty blog:))

  9. Love this post. You have pretty things in your kitchen too. I actually have a bowl of lemons on my counter. I'm not sure what i will do with them yet, but they are sooo pretty to look at.

  10. @Anna- I surely will!!

    @Adrienne- you're very sweet, thank you for following! A bold piece in every woman's closet makes us feel fabulous.

    @rebekah- I like to think I've got pretty things. Make some lemonade or lemon tarts or lemon meringue pie!!

  11. You are so right about yellow. I wouldn't consider myself a yellow person, but it's so beautiful. I love how many yellow things you have in your kitchen. The smell of lemon is the absolute best. Love this post!

  12. @Obella- I couldn't agree more! I don't wear yellow, thought I'm told I should but I love the actual color and putting it around my house. I love putting my kids in yellow too- their little walking proof of good days and sunshine <3

  13. Yellow is definitely one of my top favorite colors! I love this post. <3