before the storms roll in

April 16, 2011

the kids and I decided to go outside to enjoy
 the sunshine and warm weather while daddy 
finished up mowing the back yard from the day before.
 simple playing in the dirt & running around
 gave us our sunny fix and it was time for dinner. 
 this severe storm, weather mess
 has got to take a hike.
 I invite the rain, I do not welcome tornadoes.

 so today, we're stuck inside until all 
of this potential dangerous weather 
in North Carolina decides to do its deed and move on.
 we will make the best of it.

pictures from yesterday's sunny day.

I know I'm always posting roasted veggies. 
It seems like it's all I eat but it never gets old for these taste buds.
 and I love mixing different raw, fresh vegetables
 and roasting their delicious flavors together.

broccoli, asparagus, sweet onion, 
yellow carrots & artichokes.
evoo until all veggies are lightly
covered, sea salt and pepper.
that's all you need for full flavor!
 preheat oven to 350.
cover with lid or foil for 30 minutes.
uncover and cook for another 15 minutes!

happy Saturday!


  1. Our weather here is gloomy, we had threats of tornados as well, but didn't get much of anything other than rain. Hope rain is all you guys get!

    and yeah, those veggies look delicious!

  2. I hope so too, these storms are just horrible. glad you guys are okay and just got rain <3

  3. i'm so tired of storms. It seems like we've already had so many this spring! the roasted veggies look so delicious!

  4. I know, and it's only the beginning, too- it makes me wonder who much worse they'll get. &thank you!

  5. I'm sick of the weather, too. We mowed and got lots of outside time yesterday, knowing what was coming today. It's ridiculous- haven't seem weather like this in our area in...ever?

  6. It looks like you had a lovely time outside, it's too bad you ended up stuck INSIDE yesterday! I hope you don't get hit by any storms that do too much damage!

  7. @dusti- I know we usually get some pretty severe stuff in the spring- mostly in the summer but never so much at the beginning of the season. I think it's been so built up and ready for the warm weather to feed it's ability to just let it all out.

    @taylor- me too! we just had one half of our tree as a casualty with the very first storm we had of the season and I'm crossing fingers that's all we have to lose here, including power! we have a few days of sunshine, which is very much deserved. I just feel so sad for the lives taken in this storm across the mid west, south and here in NC too.

  8. I heard about a tornado in NC... it struck the town another blogger's parents live in, but thankfully they weren't hurt. I'm glad you guys weren't in the path of a tornado!