maxed out.

April 19, 2011

When I'm super stressed, like I am now
with the end of the semester arising
 finals ringing in my ears
last minute assignments are due
and studying consumes used to be free time
which of course crashes into 
what my every day life entitles
 I turn to music.
 It soothes my mind, 
 I listen to it while I work, 
I listen to it when I read, 
I listen to it when I'm cleaning.
 Its something that relaxes me and helps
 me feel at ease about everything going on in my life
 at that very moment.
 So I have some good tunes for your tuesday.
 Maybe you've never heard them, 
 and maybe you have 
but maybe, just maybe
 you are feeling a bit stressed out at the moment
and this helps you, the way it helps me.
from the Blue Valentine Trailer
 I like how Ryan Gosling sings it.

from Blue Valentine
 I am in love with this song.

I heart her & this remix.

 love love love this song.
his voice is ah-maz-ing.

 one of my favorites. 
 tyrone wells and his lady elina.

 a remake- but so much better
than the original cover.

an old, bittersweet song.
 oh memories.

old school. taking it back 
 to high school.


  1. Music is amazing. No other way to say it. ;) I <3 music!

  2. oh Tia, I LOVE when you post music because I always find a few I already love and a few new songs that become favorites... I have the same relationship with music and it's nice to find someone who appreciates it as much as I do :) Thanks for sharing!
    The semester is almost over and I hope you're less stressed today!

  3. @Taylor- agreed little lady!

    @Sara- you just made me super super happy and made my day. I always hope that when I post something it changes the way someone looks at something, or it helps them in some way or even shows them something they hadn't seen or heard yet. I am so glad that you enjoy my music mix posts and I am feeling a bit less stressed but I feel like as soon as I take my finals, I have a week until Summer semester starts which shouldn't be as bad as this semester! thank you love.