ode, bradford pear tree.

April 05, 2011

my favorite kind of tree, at its full bloom in our
front yard- split & fell in the crazy storm last night.

 I woke up out of deep sleep, wide awake to the noise of the
 tornado warning beep on the television-
 I honestly feel like it was my instinct from deep sleep
 that woke me up- I woke daddy up, grabbed the kids,
their rain boots and rain coats, pup,
 a bag of things we would need, our water bottles, my purse,
 along with anything that could cover us in case there was a tornado 
 and stuffed it all in our bathroom/bathtub.
 the storm moved at 80mph so the warning wasn't 
a warning but for 15 minutes but it was still scary.
 Matt walked out to the front after the calm 
(which was very eerie feeling) took over-
 to see our bradford pear tree split- just barely 
missing where the kids rooms are
on the front porch and roof. sigh. but hey! we're all okay!
and that's all that matters. 
If they have to take the whole tree, we'll plant a new one.

 I snapped a picture this morning of the 
bag I packed in less than a minute.

the mean sky this morning- before the
wind and rain picked up again.

ouch. poor tree.
ouch. poor house.


  1. Eek, wow... I don't think we even got that storm, but it seems to have hit you hard!!! That stinks about your tree... but like you said, at least you all escaped unscathed!

  2. yes ma'am- we're very happy to be safe and on our feet instead of lifted off by a mean tornado. we were very scared but it turned out to be okay.

  3. I'm glad it turned out fine! :)

  4. Oh no way! That is kind of scary, that must have been a pretty insane storm. Your poor tree. Luckily you are all okay though =)

  5. Poor tree. But at least your family is ok. I was in a tornado when I was 4. All I remember is that I was so very worried about my stuffed animals getting wet. Haha. Children's minds are funny.

  6. aw! poor thing. I was always terrified of thunderstorms and the thought of tornadoes. I remember being a child having horrible dreams of them and I couldn't sleep at night sometimes. I was a big scard-y cat.