August 01, 2012

I wasn't expecting you so soon, sigh.

this year literally just started and now its almost over.
I feel like we start out with so much time 
but I blink and it's gone- where does the time go?
August is one of our busiest months by far.
two of the biggest things:
Adriana starts first grade 
and I start fall semester which is one of the 
two semesters I have left as a college student!
 this means two semesters (both each)
with four studios- I've been told that
taking three with a life and job is hard-
I'm trying really, really hard not to overwhelm
myself in worry and doubt but it's hard.
I have to purchase a Mac laptop and programs 
in order to keep up with the work and 
I'm definitely afraid of falling behind
or being so completely overwhelmed with work that 
I'm blocked from my creative flow and my work suffers.
see? I doom myself before I've even started.
I've been trying to meditate more about it to stay calm
I just can't help it.

I'm a little less apprehensive about Adriana 
starting first grade, I think because I learned
to let go last year when she started kindergarten
but I still have a little bit of worry in my mind.
She's such a big girl, I know she'll be fine
and thrive like she did last year.
I just have to get over it, again.
this time next year-- 
she will be in second grade and
Ryland will be starting kindergarten.
good grief, the mess I'll be then.

other things going on,
need to be done or I want to do this month
1. setting up the really amazing giveaway I have planned
2. giving my undivided attention to the babes because 
for the next couple of weeks I have free summer time
3. go school supply shopping
4. Adriana gets her new desk
5. pulling out autumn decorations and start putting them out
(it's my favorite time of year, don't judge me!)
 6. cooking more and posting recipes
7. find time to meditate more
8. keep dancing (even though class is over)
9. finish organizing and putting away all laundry.
10. breathe

what is August like for you?
please, do share!