a bit behind.

April 04, 2011

that's how I feel anyways. It's always at the end of the semester that I feel like everything around me seems to be at its most stressful point. But I'm doing some things to cope and deal with it and it seems to be working. I am having zero luck with this whole weight thing. The more I work out, the more muscle I gain and I don't really want all of that until after I lose the unwanted weight. another thing stressing me and "weighing me down" so to speak. On top of that I've been having a lot more belly pain than usual which probably means it's time to get my behind back to the doctor. I just don't want them to tell me what I know they will and I'm frightened. But that's no excuse and I need to do it. I know.

This weekend was fairly calm, daddy, the kids and I played 
outside a lot and spent a lot of quality time. We also went to papa and grandma's house to play- which they love.  I have some pictures (of course, when do I not?) so I will share-  Adriana and Ryland made butterflies while I made a leafy vine thing to hang on our bookshelf  &we went to get ice cream sundae's with aunt Sara yesterday. lots of fun!

with all of this mess said, there's banana bread in the oven, a cup of green chai tea at my side and I'm gearing up for a night full of studying about volcanoes and earthquakes- which I must say I am most unprepared for.. considering my professors test are impossible to study for since she teaches nothing in class but how much she loves what we're learning about. Needless to say, shes a great person- just not the best professor I've ever had. Oh! and we have a strong/severe thunderstorm headed our way around 2am that has caused much damage to the mid-west so far. sigh. 
so I leave you with some happy moments from our weekend.


and hey, don't forget tomorrow is celebrating a day without shoes.
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  1. Your children are beautiful!!! And, I am loving the leaves. Very springy :)

  2. thank you!! I'm thinking about making more- even if they were super time consuming <3

  3. awww so cute, the green leaves look so good up against those beautiul vases you have on your bookshelf! What a productive activity to do with your little ones!

  4. they loved doing it and hey it decorated our house in the process- which is why we love doing art/crafty projects, they love seeing their work up for all to see <3

  5. Good luck with your finals!! I'm sending you positivity and lots of brain recall!

    xo Autumn

  6. Love the leaves you made! And I'm glad you and the family had a good weekend. :) Enjoy this week!

    Taylor Lynn <3

  7. such cute kids! Their smiles are absolutely precious!
    Good luck on your test.... the semester is almost over :)

  8. you girls are beyond sweet.

  9. Hope everything goes okay when you see the doctor! Those leaves are really cute, perfect for spring. Hope you are having a good week! Good luck with your test!