ryland turns three

April 29, 2011

I have been wanting to post 
pictures from my munchkins
past birthday parties.
So I am going to start today
 with Ryland's third birthday party.
 Theme: Buzz and Woody.

 this was his invitation!

 hand made banner that spells out Ryland.
and a pizza planet sign!

 "you've got a friend in me"

 Buzz and Woody with decorations found at the dollar store
 and two pom poms I made from tissue paper. 

 goodie buckets with the kids 
names painted on by hand!
 all stickers, candy and pens
the kids could use!
 Buzz and Woody close up!
 "to infinity and beyond" 
 I created this, printed it out
 and glued it to scrap book paper.

 Family birthday cards displayed.
 sheriff badges!
 Buzz and woody cupcake toppers made by hand.
 glitter and solid color scrap book paper with
 ribbon tied on each.
It's vanilla with colored sprinkles cupcake batter
 one cup of vanilla pudding to make moist
 vanilla whipped frosting colored with
 Wilton's blue and green coloring.

 buzz and woody theme cake made by a dear friend
 Robyn, who is amazing at making creative cakes!

 view of the table!
 lemonade with a bit of blue food coloring
 to make green lemonade!
 buzz and woody cake-
three star candles<3

I found these figurines at Target for 3 bucks!
 they made great cake toppers!

 light snacks: unsalted pretzels, grapes and dried cranberries.
 pasta salad: baby bow ties, bell peppers, corn and vinaigrette
which is always a big hit!

pizza planet sign.
made again from a cardboard box
and construction paper.
 we had pizza as the main dish!

 Buzz's rocket ship.
 made from a big card board box
 a little paint, a little construction paper
 a little love, and to infinity they go!

addi in Buzz's rocket ship!

 and to end
 the birthday boy in Buzz's rocket ship!



  2. That looks like great fun! What a gorgeous job your friend did on the cake. All those creative touches of yours really make the difference! :)

  3. Very cute! <3 I hope everybody had a fantastic day! :)

    Agreed- the cake is awesome!! Your friend did a GREAT job!! <3


  4. Oh my gosh! What a great party! We love the Toy Story movies around here, too!

    Hey, just out of curiosity- did you change the address on the invite? I probably would to be safe! :)

  5. thanks girls!

    & I didn't even think about it- thank you lady love.

  6. Awesome! It looks like you put a lot of work into the party... I'm sure Ryland had a blast! <3

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  8. The Toy Story decorations came out great!