what's in your lunchbox?

September 23, 2011

lunch day nine:
pb&j sushi  (wheat bread),
strawberry yogurt with strawberry apple sauce heart, 
horizon mozz cheese stick with rosemary crackers 
and annie's gummies!

lunch day ten: 
cheese bites and multigrain tortilla chips, 
pineapple puzzle peices 
and strawberry fruit leather!

 lunch day eleven: 
tuna salad with cheese star, 
rosemary crackers, 
cheese and grape kabobs, 
celery chunks,
and annie's gummies!

 lunch day twelve:
pb&j puzzle pieces, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
watermelon chunks, 
chocolate hazelnut sticks 
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day thirteen: 
horizon mozz chunks,
turkey and mini wheat crackers, 
watermelon and apple hearts, 
grape and celery salad 
and marshmallows!

lunch day fourteen: 
tuna salad stars on honey wheat, 
laughing cow herb cheese triangle with mini crackers, 
apple sticks with caramel dip, 
baby carrot sticks 
and annie's gummies!

lunch day fifteen: 
pb&j flower sandwich, 
watermelon balls and grapes, 
cranberry shortbread cookie with peach applesauce, 
white cheddar popcorn 
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day sixteen: 
strawberry yogurt topped with chopped grapes, 
apple fall leaves, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
black olives and horizon mozzarella chunks 
and chocolate hazelnut sticks!

lunch day seventeen: 
crab rolls, pickled ginger, 
steamed edamame with sea salt, 
orange sweet peppers, 
and fresh strawberries with dark chocolate chips on top!

lunch day eighteen: 
pancake hearts with maple syrup, 
half a banana, 
grapes and apple hearts, 
trail mix,
and a yogurt covered pretzel!

lunch day nineteen: 
ravioli with roasted garlic dipping sauce, 
white cheddar popcorn, 
garlic toast stars, 
horizon mozzarella cheese sticks with grapes 
and a caramel candy!

lunch day twenty: 
two honey wheat pb&j owls on a hazelnut chocolate branch, 
annie's cheddar bunnies, 
baby carrots, 
apple chunks with apple sauce dip 
and annie's gummies!

what's in your lunch box?
 we want to know!!


I've felt so completely disconnected from this blog. 
 not because I want to be or choose to be but because I just have no time for it. 
unfortunately, though I miss it incredibly so. 
 I've had some emails with questions and I'd like to answer them!

 how do you juggle your schedule and kids?
I honestly sometimes have no idea either how to answer this question
or how the heck I do it. I assume within myself that I have this certain will 
power that kicks my butt in gear. The end of this summer has been a real struggle
 with SO much change but I take it a day at a time and do everything I can
 to make the best of what's going on and the change that approaches me.
 I like to think I'm doing a good job. 

 what classes are you taking this semester?
I'm actually super excited I was asked this because I love bragging about 
 the classes I enroll in and how much of a role they
play into my life and future career.
 I'm currently taking this Fall 2011:
  1. Art and the African American Experience (art history, WI)
  2.  Photography (studio)
  3.  Foundations of Art Education (teachers portfolio, WI)
  4.  Dance Appreciation (studio, lecture, WI)
 They all play a role in my career and life and
I couldn't be happier about the semester-
 minus the stress!

 Is your daughter loving kindergarten 
and how is your son handling the "alone" time?
I'm delighted I was asked this- thank you for caring first. Adriana is loving kindergarten
 and the opportunity to make friends and learn- her two favorite things. 
 Her creativity is soaring and I am so proud of her. 
She has also taken on dance as well! she's so excited.
 Ryland is slowly but surely getting use to his sissy going to school every day, 
 I think it is more of an adjustment for him than her because his schedule
 doesn't change, as her does. He does require more attention and love
 since she is gone all day and that's okay, who doesn't need extra of those things?!
 I will say, it tears my heart strings, after dropping Adriana off at school, 
 when he says "I'm sure going to miss her today"

I will definitely get back to answer all of the questions!
 I have to catch up on posts too- I will be trying to stay on it
 every 2-3 days and will get back to giveaways as well. 
 I apologize to my followers for temporarily falling off the Earth! 
I've missed you all <3

soap box: I value the Arts

September 12, 2011

I wanted to take some time to put aside everything else and really think about why I do what I do and why exactly I'm doing it. I sometimes feel like I don't know what direction I'm going in, like I'm on this path that will eventually lead to no where. I work really hard and will continue to work harder to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I drove by a building for sale the other day and immediately thought to myself, I need that building- I'm off my rocker right? Let me take a second to explain my impulse.

 I don't want to live under standards- more clearly, I don't want to make standards under standards with whom have standards too. I couldn't possibly say that word any more. I just despise it, though only in situations where they play into our children's education. Our school systems should be under the implication that our future generations are being turned into zombies by standardized testing. Teachers aren't teaching what the want to, they are teaching what they have to for the sake of scores at the end of the year, as they are told to do. They are teaching for "standardized tests". It has nothing to do with the teachers themselves but more so with the school system. What is wrong with you people who have a say? Why not just let our teachers teach them and test them on what they have learned, rather than stuffing them like turkeys and testing them with EOC tests?  And what's with discouraging our children not to use the right side of their brains? Destroying creativity? Talking down on subjects if they aren't "math" "language arts" or "social studies". Who do you think you are? This is why I want to stand up, whether it's by myself or with others and say "HEY! you can't do that!" yeah right, like what I have to say matters. But it's worth a shot. 

this video is sheer genius and boy is it ever true. 
 It talks more closely with what the point I'm trying to get across.
 not just about the arts but about education in general.

Bottom line: I don't want to be put into a classroom and given rules, standards and a calendar saying, here's what you have to teach, teach it the way we want you to and make sure your kids pass. I want to make my own rules. I don't know that being a "school" teacher works for me. I've been thinking and listening to myself more. The more I do, the more I want to open my own business.  I want that building I saw and sculpt it into a place where the walls become the art, where when you open the doors, you feel freedom and creativity. You don't even have to be good at art, or anything for that matter- you can just come observe, or read or play. It can be a place where kids of all ages can come and paint, sculpt, photograph, be creative and let their right brain do all of the talking- even if it's for 30 minutes a day. I want to be able to have that outlet for kids, if need be. I want to be able to help kids build portfolios and learn technique as well as fundamentals if they wish to. I want to let them have the creative, undivided and uninterrupted time to be who they are without anyone telling them they are right or wrong and listening to them as I would want someone to listen to me.  Mind you, I wouldn't undermine the teacher of today nor would I tell them what they are learning is wrong- I would just teach them what I know, whether it be the history behind a painting or helping them with an art project or anything of the sorts. I would be there as a creative mentor. I would have classes on certain days, if the kids wanted to come and learn and do hands on projects. There would be easels everywhere, clay stations, pottery wheels- anything they wanted to do, I would and could have it there so that they could explore and grow. That's what I ultimately want. I don't even care if it is a thriving business, as long as I know the kids are happy and thriving.

Sure, there will be rules set;
 one: always respect those around you!
 two: always be creative!
 three: don't be afraid to be who you are!
four: don't let anything hold you back!
 five: always believe in yourself!
 six: dream!

pretty simple right?
 those are rules I would want to follow. 
It's allowing someone to help you follow your dreams
 and having someone believe in who you are and what you're about-
 it's what I always wanted as a kid at least. 

 I'm in school because I want to finish with my BFA. 
 I want to be able to say, I did it. I beat the system- I did it!
 but I am doing much more than that. 
I am taking from my most beloved professors
what I have learned throughout the years. 
 I can honestly say, I have learned more throughout
my college education, than I learned in any of my
K-12 classes and I really do believe its because of standardized testing. 
 You cram for the test and forget the rest. 
What the heck is the point?
 I want to share what I have learned with the world
 and who better than with those who love art too. 
 call me an idealist- I just want to make education more of a reality for
 kids who aren't as fortunate or are told they can't do it, or can't make it
 as an artist whether it's a dancer, painter or musician. 
 They can come to my studio and be who they are.

 I will further my college career in education
 soon thereafter making sure I have taken what I would need 
 in order to start a business of my own to teach young minds. 
 I want to teach future generations that the arts will not disappear
 but instead thrive through each and every one of them. 
I want to make a difference and someday soon, I will.

 how original.
I stand down from my soap box now.
but only momentarily.

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what's in your lunch box?

September 05, 2011

I have such a fun time coming up with new
 and exciting ideas for Adriana's school lunches!
She loves helping me think of things to do 
and watching what I come up with when she wakes up in the morning.
 I want to share this with you so I have made it a new feature
 for those of you, who would like to keep up, use my ideas,
 give ideas, share what you've done with your child's lunches
 and to give feedback!

first day
sushi (california roll)
cucumbers and cantaloupe
pickled ginger
horizon mozzarella stick
our homemade gluten free rice krispie squares

second day
cucumber sandwich made with love ♥
garlic & herb laughing cow cheese with crackers
celery and carrots with ranch dip
yogurt covered raisins

day three
whole wheat turkey and cheese star sandwiches
celery sticks
cantaloupe wedges
white cheddar popcorn 

day four
pb&j heart sandwiches
sweet bell pepper medley
strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberries on top
fruit salad
a rhino frosted animal cookie

day five
steamed edamame
steamed broccoli
mini salad with cucumbers, yellow bell pepper and ginger dressing
teriyaki sesame noodles
mini chocolate chips

day six
tuna fish sandwich with yellow bell pepper bubbles
fishy cantaloupe
celery sticks with ranch
a school of wheat goldfish with yogurt raisin bubbles 
candy fish

day seven
pb&j dino sandwich with green grape grass
white cheddar popcorn
red grapes
nutella graham crackers 
chocolate dinosaur eggs

day eight
turkey and mayo half moon with cheese stars
pineapple stars
grapes and carrot chips
space adventure goldfish
yellow and blue m&ms

what I've missed sharing.

I took on some things that may have asked for more attention than I originally thought I would have but I don't- I apologize.  I am going to leave Adriana and Ryland's closets up since I have had a really positive feedback from them but I've decided having sponsors a few months out, is best.  I just don't have the right amount of time to dedicate my full attention to my blog, like I used to. With school back in session for me and Adriana in school now, I have to give all of my undivided attention, spare time and love to those things- but I promise, I'll direct some love here for you all too. I've missed blogging as much as I used to! For now I will share with you what's been going on, in a nut shell!

here's what you've missed
ryland got a hair chop!
 we went grocery shopping
 for school lunches!

she was super excited to pick 
everything out!

a very emotional moment
 after open house.

hugging before bed time
 talking about "changes"

books before bed.
good morning!
 up early to bring sissy to school.

i've been drinking, a lot of this.
 breakfast set up!
oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas
and orange juice!
very anxious little lady!
 ry's favorite breakfast
well one of them at least!
 first day!

sibling love.
ready to take on kindergarten!
my pretty lady.
busy at work!
look who "popped" into kindergarten!
two days of green apples, 
 soon to be a whole week of them!

a backwards five, which she notified me of 
but none the less, first school artwork.

the inside!
second day.
third day!
sixth day.

 I forgot to take pictures in between days
 of her before dropping her off but I got a few in
 and plan to take more. She has been much more
 excited day after day and less anxious!
 I am so proud of her. 
 Ryland misses her
 but we are working on it!

I will be making a separate post of Addi's lunches!