April 01, 2011

I found some super cute Easter egg idea's if you
would like to re create them with your munchkins.
 If you don't celebrate this holiday you can still be super
 creative & have fun- the best part about it
 is peeling your decorated eggs, seasoning with sea salt and
freshly ground pepper only to gobble them whole
(definitely our preference!)
 or sliced if you prefer.

I also have a post below or on the next page of older posts
 that gives the recipe for the perfect boiled egg.
 check it out if you are unsure
 so you have perfectly cooked easter eggs to decorate
 and crack open later!

happy egg hunting and decorating


  1. Hi Tia, it's taken me a while to stop over from Living the Simple Life. Thanks for your lovely comment! Did you do all the bird sketches on your blog? I love them. By the way, the rug was from Bed, Bath & beyond (but that's a NZ store!)

  2. I did yes ma'am. I have some work I've done in older posts, maybe one or two pages out from the front page. I'm going to grab a button and slap it on my blog. <3 thanks for stopping by, be a friend and follow missy!