a post more so about books!

June 10, 2011

lately, it seems I have been swimming in books.
 but I don' t mind it because it's all around the 
 subjects I care a lot about and it doesn't
 hurt that I'm getting it all done for class assignments.
 [double whammy!
I've been in two classes this summer session
which are five week classes ending on the 24th
 shortly thereafter starting two more classes 
 for five more stressful weeks.
 American art since 1945 and Baroque art
 the classes are amazing so far. 
Though I have learned more in Baroque art then in American art 
[mainly because I'm obsessed with Warhol, Hesse & Pollock etc]
I am really enjoying them both. 
 I have a twenty [yes twenty!] page paper 
I'm writing currently on Artemisia Gentileschi
 for my Baroque art class due the 23rd
 and a free formal writing assignment on a book
that will have changed my life this semester-
which I am currently stuck between three books on Eva Hesse.
 I just wanted to share some of the great images from the 
books I've been swimming in.

the great Andy Warhol
[one of my favorite artists]
 Pop Art: A Critical History

 studying for my Baroque art midterm
accompanied by the heaping pile of books
 [and of course, coffee]

and I treated myself to a razzmatazz smoothie
 because my throat has been killing me the past few days
 [and I deserve a treat from time to time]

Eva Hesse books- still trying to decide
which I want to choose for my free formal paper. 
[her work is inspirational]

now onto today-
we love going to the library.
[when we find time which isn't often]
 the kids love getting to pick out a few
 books and read them in their favorite spot
 and I love picking out different books we haven't 
read yet and pile them up to check out.

now I shall vent-
 I ran into the rudest lady I have encountered in quite some time
 [presumably because I have two kids and I don't look my age]
 I walked up to the desk to ask her where the children's
 educational dvd's were, saying yes ma'am, please and thank you.
 she didn't even bother to look at me, 
kept doing what she was doing and replied
"they are on the right" pausing for a moment
and then pointed in the direction.
I turned around and started walking away
when she said, "only two!"
 I ignored her realizing she was talking about 
 the policy of only being able to check out two [five] dvd's.
I picked the two I wanted
 walked over to her to check out the arm full of things I had
 and politely asked, "Is that sign by the movies correct?"

the sign read:
 Adult card holders may check out five movies at a time
 Juvenile card holders may only check out two movies at a time
All movies must be back within seven days.
Thank you.

[rude lady]- "yes."
"well, then I can check out five, not two. I am not a child or teenager
I am an adult and I have an adult library card, 
 see, it says right there on your screen"
[rude lady]- "oh. yes. you can check out five."
 and she made sure not to look at me again as 
 she checked each book through the computer
 and threw them toward me at the counter.
 I just was happy to correct someone 
 so out of place and despicably rude.
[bah hum bug.]

on a much lighter note
 we had lots of fun!

 a really fun book we read at the library

 mommy and munchkin reading

 the fabulous choice of books
 we got to check out and bring home!

 ryland concentrating 
as I read.

 little lady really liked this book!

 Ryland enjoying a book about cars, of course!

 and this one about tractors!

we came home
exhausted from the heat
 and chomped on organic
kumquats and raspberries.

 enjoy the rest of your Friday!
 happy weekend loves.


  1. i know how you feel.. about not looking your age. I went to the doctors to get my little darlings bellybutton checked.. i walked in and the doctors mouth dropped asking how old I was because I had a newborn.. I told her 22 and she told me I looked like I was 12... haha thanks.

  2. I dunno which library you go to but, the one that I go to has quite a few rude librarians...it's really turned me off from going back (plus I do have a huge fine to pay if I ever return).

  3. Good luck with your summer classes Tia! I am taking 2 classes (english comp 2 & US History) but they are 8 weeks long... still a whole lot of work! I'm sure those 5 weeks will fly by and you'll do great!
    Looks like despite the rude lady, your trip to the library was a success :) Your munchkins are adorable!

  4. We love Andy Warhol in this house! When we get our own place Josh and I are decorating our bedroom in pop art! :)

  5. I can never understand why people go out of their way to be so rude. It's so exhausting to be mean, I've come to the conclusion that they're just plain miserable & have crap lives!

  6. Razzmatazz is the absolute best!
    Your books look fun!
    I love your blog <3