ahem! (sighh)

April 01, 2011

I made a big oopsy today.
 I posted my soundtrack saturday
 not realizing how lame I am
 saturday would be tomorrow
 since today is actually friday. 

 either way, I hope you all enjoy 
the new soundtrack saturday feature.

see you bright & early for
 a journey through the time machine
to Adriana's baby years.


  1. haha, it happens! Though I do request that if we get to skip ahead at all, that we skip to Tuesday, when this move will be over and all that is left if unpacking boxes. :P

  2. I hear ya! I would so help if I didn't live so far away. good luck with everything love!

  3. you live in greensboro? how cool. yep, i was at the first friday indie market last night. I'll probably be there next month too. you should come check it out :o)

  4. I totally will, I live in northern greensboro yes ma'am! I was going to go but I completely forgot it was this friday. I have a friend Dara who has a booth as well and I feel so horrible I forgot about it. yikes! I loved the very first one, my munchkins picked out one thing from their favorite booth, as did I. I am even more excited about it now!

  5. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes, right? :)