recipe box: five

May 02, 2011

pickling cucumber & baby corn

what you need

cucumber: two
baby corn: four cups
white vinegar: sixteen ounces/one bottle
red pepper: two tablespoons
salt and pepper: one teaspoon each
pickling jars: two

what to do
I used smaller jars because it's what I have
 and like the portion size.

 cut cucumber- some thick, some thin.
 place in jar.
add seasonings:
 one tablespoon red pepper.
 one teaspoon of salt.
 one teaspoon of pepper.

cut whole baby corn in one inch pieces.
place in jar.
repeat seasonings.

I pickle the short cut way.
 add vinegar just a little above the
 cucumber and baby corn
top with lid.
 bring to a boil about two inches of water in pot
 put jars in and boil for ten minutes 
or until lid is sealed
 (doesn't pop when pressed on)

don't want to do it my way?
 that's okay! here's another option.
 In a large stainless steel saucepan, 
combine vinegar, water and salt. 
Bring to a boil and stir until salt is dissolved
Pour boiling brine over vegetables up 
to 1/4-inch from top of jar. 
Wipe the lip of the jar and seal with lid and ring.
Let rest in a draft-free area. 
Vegetables will ferment in the refrigerator in about 2 weeks.

For longer storage, place hot jars into a boiling 
water bath with 1 inch of water covering the tops. 
Simmer for 10 minutes.
Remove to a draft-free area and once cooled 
check that lids have properly sealed. 
If the lids do not spring 
back when pressed they are sealed. 
Refrigerate any jars that have not sealed.

have you ever pickled anything?
if not, it's super easy.
if you have, do share!!
I love the benefit of a long shelf life-
the longer they sit, the better they are.


    1. We pickled Hot peppers last year and they were AMAZING!


      Glad you found the fun of pickling :)


    2. I made pickles last year with mini cucumbers I found at the Farmer's Market and it was so much fun. I totally forgot about it until this post though! Thanks.

    3. I love pickled everything - Thank you so much for sharing! My fave is pickled garlic...I know, so gross right - I can eat a whole jar of it.

    4. not gross!! I love garlic, I'm totally pickling some now <3

    5. They are so pretty, Tia! If for nothing else, they could be decorations, though I doubt they'd last long enough around here! My husband loves pickling carrots and jalapenos, Mexican style! We love spicy, vinegary goodness!