cloud look a likes.

April 02, 2011

I took pictures of the clouds that addi 
and ry thought looked like things.
I hope you see what they saw too!

goodnight all.
 tomorrow will be another fun filled day-
 tissue paper butterflies, artichoke &
sun dried tomato dip & banana bread.


  1. I can see all those things! Well, except for the fisherman's boat... that one didn't jump out at me, LOL. :) But those are awesome clouds! :D

  2. That is so great. I love seeing your posts about you and your kids. Someday I look forward to doing the same things with my kids. :-)

  3. That's so sweet and it made my day! Thank you- your kids will be very lucky to have a rockin mommy like you.

  4. I love the whale cloud! So perfect! Last week the kids in my class were doing this with me and we found a triceratops! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera within reach.

  5. how cool!! I love doing stuff like this, what lucky students to have such a great teacher like you :)

  6. awww.. what a fun thing to do with your kiddos! And I can totally see the shapes they saw in the clouds haha :)

  7. thank you, they had tons of fun doing it!!