things that make me happy

March 04, 2012

I haven't done one of these posts in oh say, several months
 so I figured I'd gather some of my favorite pictures over
the past few weeks and share them with you.
 these are the little things in life that make me happy.

these before they turned into kale chips

this sandwich on my lunch break at school

these oatmeal jammies ready for the oven

in all their deliciousness- ready to be inhaled.

don- japanese restaurant on tate/ lunch break at school

I keep reminding myself- graduation is near. still a happy place.

this little dude and how excited he always is to get a hair chop.

waking up to an enthusiastic little lady ready to start her day.
so much love.

ready to hop out of the car for school!

this happy little place.

this orange mango smoothie from coffeeology.

& this shirt because I have some really amazing friends
 who have encouraged me to wear more color- especially red.


  1. love all your pics :o)

    how long till graduation?!

  2. my family & i call those jam cookies thumb print cookies because we put a thumb print in before they bake so the jam has somewhere to go :) YUM. haven't had those since christmas!
    kale chips?? hmm. might have to try those out!

  3. That is so incredible that you are in school and a mother of two! I admire that Tia!
    Persevere hon!

    I love all these things that make you :) yay! What on earth is up with those delish looking cookies?? Recipe!!!

    And I have YET to do Kale Chips, I've just got to, don't I?!

    1. thank you so much, that means a lot! it's hard work but something that is important to me, I just can't wait to get my degree!

      I will post a recipe box for the oatmeal jam cookies, soon- they were sooo goood!

      and yes ma'am you do! I will repost our kale chip recipe! they are amazing and so good for you, it helps kick a salty craving :)