my dad: an update

February 10, 2012

there he is with his get well
edible arrangements bouquet from family.
 just a little over a week ago 
 he had his third heart attack.
 it was a very scary and emotional moment.
here's the original post with more details if you missed it.

 he knows how serious having not just one or two
 but three heart attacks is to his heart and his body. 
 there is no room for another one- 
 the doctor gave him specific orders to 
 quit smoking
end of story. 
 he started smoking at 19, when he was in the Marine Corps. 
 He's 48- that's a lot of cigarettes.
I'm so incredibly proud of him-
he's taking medication to help the cravings 
 and hasn't had one since!
 some days will be harder than others but we know he's strong
 and can beat this- it's better than losing his life
 which he's been given a third chance on.
he was given an order to eat better which means  
eating much healthier & eating 5 small meals a day.
he's been doing really good-
snacking on almonds and pistachios
 and making better decisions. 
 he has fully recovered
and his arteries are once again, clear of most of the plaque.
 the road ahead will be a struggle but oh so worth it. 
 he has a strong family to fall back on, if need be. 

 yeah you!
 thank you so much to those who gave words of wisdom
 prayers, thoughts and kind hopes.
It really means a lot to me, my family and most importantly, my dad. 
it's good to have such a loving blogging community and friends 
 who care and are there for you.
you guys rock.


  1. I'm glad that he is on the road to recovery!

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about his third heart attack! :( I will keep him & your family in my thoughts & prayers! Glad to hear he's doing well now!


    1. aw, thank you ashlee- that means a lot! <3