seven february superfoods

February 03, 2012

I read an article on how you can jam pack your 
 every day diet with super foods that are at their peek 
 in the winter season- this list is for february!
 I have a few on my grocery list for today.

here they are and here's why
they are considered super foods
and what you can do with them!


The kiwifruit is a good source of fiber 
and is rich in vitamins C and E and potassium. 
Taste wise, it's juicy and just the right bit of tangy 
and can be a great depths of winter pick me up.

how to enjoy:
Raw or throw kiwis into a parfait
or slice 'em up into a spinach-based salad.


Fennel's digestive properties are so powerful that many people 
take it after dinner to help aid digestion and reduce gas. 
It also has vitamin C, calcium and potassium.

how to enjoy:
Fennel stalks can be used in wintery salads 
or cooked into pastas and stews. 
The seeds can be added to various recipes to provide robust,
natural flavoring (fennel has a licorice-like taste).

brussel sprouts

month after (winter) month,
the nutritional experts recommend 
brussel sprouts as one of their top super food picks. 
And with good reason!
they are the second highest in glucosinolates 
(second only to broccoli) for their ability to protect against cancer.

how to enjoy: 
while roasting brussel sprouts is a classic option and delicious,
try steaming them with just a little bit of olive oil and sea salt.


cauliflower is low in calories, fat and sodium, 
while still being a good source of vitamin C and folate.

 how to enjoy:
If you're feeling a little bit bored with potatoes, 
try cauliflower as an alternative to mashed spuds. 
Another option would be tossing some into a salad 
or roasting to help bring out the 
vegetable's naturally nutty flavor. 

dark chocolate

If ever there were a month for chocolate, February is it!
and when eaten in moderation, chocolate has loads of benefits, 
it's high in antioxidants, may help reduce inflammation 
and can help boost your mood. 
how to enjoy it:
Just grab a bar and nibble 
or for a special Valentine's Day treat, try melting some down 
and drizzling it over fresh strawberries. 
But remember that a little goes a long way 
-- eating too much chocolate isn't healthy either.

a tip:
I buy dark chocolate chips and freeze them to keep them
 always fresh and it's like eating a frozen chocolate treat!

passion fruit

this somewhat exotic offering has a lot to offer nutritionally,
it's a good source of potassium and folate, 
and an excellent source of vitamins A and C.

how to enjoy:
you can either buy passion fruit that's still smooth 
on the outside and wait to eat it,
or opt for wrinkly skin if you want to eat right away. 


tangelos are a great source of vitamin C. 
They've also got hesperitin* an antioxidant that is being tested 
for its ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in test tubes. 

how to enjoy:
The great thing about tangelos is that they're
easy to peel and eminently portable.
Grab a few, throw them in your bag
and snack throughout the day.


  1. Ewwww to brussels and cauliflower, but I lurrrrrve dark chocolate and kiwis!

    1. oh ma'am, if they are cooked the right way, you would be a lover. I could make you a believer of such things :)

  2. I love kiwi, I just had some this morning! I introduced kiwi to Ava just yesterday too! :)

    1. I remember first giving it to Ryland and he made a sour face :) it's one of our favorite fruits, did she like it?

  3. Hi Tia,
    Greetings from Jamaica. This is a very interesting post. I have not tried several of the above but hope to some day. You have a beautiful blog. I am happy to become a FolloweR. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. thanks for stopping by! so happy you were here and are following :) I'll be over to your blog soon <3

  4. New follower here from The Second Thought ( Love the layout and content of your blog, will definitely be back for more! :)

    1. thank you so much! I will be right on over to your blog soon :) happy you're a follower!

  5. Tia - thanks for following me over at Mommie...Again. I'm already following you!! I love your blog. Sweet and Simple.

    I do like your posts about superfoods as I have another blog at

    I would love to either steal the superfoods from you OR I would love for you to be a Guest Blogger if you want to. YOu can link your blog in the post. I would like it if you would talk about the superfoods.
    Let me know.

    thanks KIM

  6. Tia,
    I like the idea of you posting on my blog about your other superfoods, then link readers to your Feb. Superfoods.

    Can you email me at so we can talk more?

    KIM - and thanks!

    1. yes ma'am- emailing right away <3

  7. I just found your blog & LOVE it! Can't wait to make it a daily read! :D Love this post by the way!


    1. thank you! I'm about to head on over to yours :)

  8. I'm so with you on all these great foods, I eat Kiwi pretty much everyday, and cauliflower! Brussel sprouts too!! I like them with balsamic and walnuts and grapes and I roast that all together with olive oil!

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