clearing the confusion

February 23, 2012

okay friends-
I've gotten a lot of emails about 
the big news I promised and talked about months ago
 but it kind of got postponed. 
Instead of being in Modern Ink Magazine's
February/March issue for Adriana's lunches
 I have been offered a spot in the 
April/May edition!
I'm sooo grateful.
They changed their format
 to be more accessible to readers
and couldn't fit everything in-
here's a snippet from them via their facebook post

please, go here to read the newest issue
it's fabulous and so user friendly,
plus, there are a lot of amazing things in it!
 I am still so psyched about sharing 
 this incredible journey with you guys. 
sorry for the confusion
 and thanks for keeping up!


  1. EEEE! Congratulations Tia!! That is super!

    1. thank you remy! we're pretty excited over here :)

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