what's in your lunchbox?

February 23, 2012

with all of the sick days, a snow day
a field trip day and a day I brought a 
surprise lunch and ate with her
 we only have a handful of 
lunches to share in this post
but they are packed with delicious goodness
and lots of love-

I'll be sharing in a separate
post the reasons behind why I pack these lunches
 and the newest news about our good news.

 lunch day fifty nine
homemade pizza with kalamata olives
fresh mozzarella and a pepperoni heart
 stretch island strawberry roll up
 strawberries and pineapple
 white cheddar popcorn 
and a caramel candy

 lunch day sixty
four cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce
 a whole clementine
mini vanilla cookies
baby carrots 
and marshmallows

 lunch day sixty one
pasta salad with italian vinaigrette
 lemonade cookies
a whole clementine
red and green grape kabobs 
and annie's gummies

 lunch sixty two
two peanut butter and raspberry jelly heart sandwiches
 beet chips
apple sauce with heart sprinkles
red grapes 
and a strawberry heart marshmallow

 lunch day sixty three
valentine's day!
heart pasta salad with corn and heart red bell peppers
 caramel delight cookies
a special heart shaped cupcake with heart marshmallows 
heart and arrow strawberries 
and organic gummy straws

 lunch day sixty four
salad with red bell peppers
italian vinaigrette and croutons
broccoli "trees"
kiwi halves
and a caramel candy


  1. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}! http://queenofsavings.com

    1. thanks for stopping by and welcome :)!

  2. Oh my! These are the cutest lunches I have EVER SEEN, and so so healthy and good for them, awesome balance!

    Are those your actual lunches, like your photos? I am freaking OUT!

    Good job momma!!!

    1. aw- your comment made me smile! these are Adriana's lunches, she is in kindergarten this year and I bought her a planet lunch bento box and have been making her lunch every day. I have lots more in the feature, if you got to my buttons up on top under my header. those are my photos, I make her lunch every morning and take a picture, I share them on facebook and then post them here when I have enough to make a post :)

  3. I love this! cute idea, thanks for sharing!

  4. My daughter just started going to school and so we are having to pack her lunch for the first time. These are great ideas! I am totally clueless and this helps so much! Thank you!

    1. of course! I have a lot more in the what's in your lunchbox feature button on the side of my blog :) feel free to use any of the idea's.