a special request-

January 31, 2012

see that guy on the left?
 that's my dad. 
he's a pretty cool cat.

 Last night, January 30th 2012
 I got a call from my mom, in panic mode about my dad-
 there was an ambulance taking him to the emergency room
 and I was being asked to call my brother to get a plan going to 
 head over to Moses Cone Hospital to see him. 
 Naturally, I worried because I knew what it was for. 
 It would be his third heart attack. 
I fell asleep thinking everything would be okay 
 knowing my mom would call if we needed to go to the hospital. 
 It wasn't long after that I got a call back saying
 come up here, it's really serious. 

 I hopped out of bed-
 made sure the kids were tucked in tight, 
 and that hubby knew I was leaving
 and I headed on my way- the hospital isn't but five minutes away. 
 Any chest pain, after a heart attack is bad. 
 It's more damage to the heart, 
 more damage to your body. 

 It was 1am. 
 The quality time spent with my mom, grandma, brother and sister
 was much needed- we always laugh and bring up old stories. 
 It was a good to take our mind off of the news the doctors would bring soon. 

 4am: the doctor comes in and sits.
 He tells us that they found several arteries blocked to  100% capacity.
One of them on the right, one down the front center and another that was at 85%. 
They were able to unblock the artery causing the heart attack and left the two
but they are going back to repair one of the others Wednesday-
of course allowing 24 hours time for his heart to heal from the attack.
We asked if his heart was damaged any more than it had
been in previous attacks- the answer was yes, significantly so.
 The doctor informed us that even though the plaque around his 
heart is genetic that it is also very serious and that if he doesn't stop 
his addiction to nicotine, the outcome would be loss of life. 
My grandma- his mother suffered from heart disease.
 She passed away last year due to it.
 I miss her very much so.

 Now, I don't know about you- 
 but I don't want to lose this special guy in my life. 
 He's pretty awesome. 
 I've always been a daddy's girl. 
 I appreciate all the crap he puts up with. 
 I am forever grateful for him watching our kids when I am at school 
 and I am thankful for him as my father- 
 so I owe him a lot, 
 which means he has to live a really 
and I mean really
long time because it will take me that long to pay him back
 plus I love him a lot and I couldn't picture him not being around
 not this young, even though he's an old, old man!

The first angioplasty and stent placement for the first blockage was successful! 
The second angioplasty and second stent placement occur tomorrow morning. 
If the 2nd angioplasty gets his enzyme levels down he will be able to go home on Friday.

so I request from you my lovely readers and friends- 
 if you pray, please pray for my dad
if you don't, keep him in your thoughts.  
 he's a strong dude. 
 I know he'll pull through
 but his road ahead is going to be rough and trying,
 it will take will power and love from his friends and family
 to get through it. 
I know he can beat this.
I believe in him.

 thank you to all of my friends and family 
who have already sent messages, texts and things.
You're the best- I needed the cheering up
 and my dad loves the love coming his way!


  1. praying for your family!

  2. Keeping your Dad in my thoughts. Many many hugs Tia! My Dad is like yours, puts up with a lot of crap!

  3. Your family is definitely in my thoughts! <3

  4. Oh no! Keeping you all in my thoughts!

  5. Your dad sounds like a pretty strong guy. I will keep him in my thoughts. And stay strong! I'm sure he needs that.

  6. Praying for your Dad, Honey.