let the celebration begin!

February 10, 2012

Ryland turns four on Sunday, February 12th!
 this year is really special because instead of having 
 a big birthday party like we usually do
 we are spending the day as a family doing
 what ever it is Ryland wants to do!

 he wants to wake up to pancake balls and bacon for breakfast!
then he wants to go to the movies, to have candy and popcorn of course. 
 I think Alvin and the Chipmunks- Chipwrecked is still in theatres
 we'll probably go see that!
 then he wants to go to chuck e cheese because he's never been
but he also wants to go to the children's museum, so we'll see!
 then out to dinner!
 a busy day.

Tomorrow, Saturday February 11th,
we have been invited to have cake, lunch & presents
 for Ryland at my mom and dad's. 
 My mom's birthday was the 6th so 
we will celebrate her birthday then too. 
 it should be a lot of fun!

 I can't wait to post all of the pictures to 
share our adventures this weekend.
I have a post later today with DIY Valentine's heart garland
 and Adriana's DIY Valentine's day cards for friends!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! We have yet to throw a big birthday party for our boys. This year might be the year. I hope he has a blast!

    1. thank you! we will enjoy ourselves!

  2. How fun!!! Happy Birthday, Ryland!!!

  3. Hi there, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog..so sweet of you. I'm usually wary of people saying they're a new follower and then "suggesting" I stop by their blog (call me synical!)...but I did and you are right, our 'blog ethos' is similar (does that even make sense?!) Your blog seems lovely and I'm looking forward to reading more! Have a fab weekend with your little birthday boy..love the idea of celebrating whatever he wants to do! Can't wait to see the photos! x

  4. Aw sounds like a fun day! Happy birthday to Ryland :D