project spring semester 2012

February 08, 2012

 is in full effect

 I have tried thus far to remain calm 
 and unstressed but by golly
 it has hit me like an eighteen wheeler. 
 there's always this period of time in the beginning of the semester
 where you don't really feel the full effect
 because everything is just getting started- 
 you feel a little anxiety with the syllabus because it's 
 everything you're going to be doing
 all on paper right in front of you, no matter what. 
 so you tell yourself, "WORK HARD!"
 then each class really gets to working
 projects and exams are due on the same day
 which means preparation for putting together the project 
 and studying what you need to, to get the grade you want. 
 I have to add on two kids and the daily grind. 
 It's not always hard, 
 but 70% of the time, it is. 
 I struggle to balance time between 
 my feeling guilty not playing with them and doing what they want to do 
 and working enough on my school work which for each 
class requires 6+ hours of my time-
 that's 24+ hours a week
 which is only a day's worth but I am always so exhausted.
 I kind of feel like I can't possibly stretch and make it work any more than I do already
 but I do, I get it done no matter what it takes. 
 I'm complaining- I know.
 I'm kind of good at that during the school term
but it's only at that time where I'm fed up,
 I'm attempting this before I get to that point.
 I feel like there's something else I can do- 
 so I turn to you my friends, 
 whether you are working with kids, 
 working and going to school, 
 going to school with kids, 
 anything, even if you don't have kids
 if you have a job and go to school 
 how to do you manage your time? 
 how do you balance having kids and the hours at work/school? 
 I value your idea's and love to listen and learn!
I would love to hear how you do it.


  1. I have a lot of respect for moms that can do more than being a mom. Being a mom is hard enough and adding work or school to the mix (and doing well) is...WOW. Go you.