dear february,

February 01, 2012

how we love you so.

 yes, that's right-
a month packed full of valentine's crafts, 
 and baking galore. 
 We finished Adriana's teachers gifts
 but still have to do her Valentines to friends. 
 I will be posting a tutorial for those, 
 they are a repeat from a couple of years ago 
 but she wasn't in school and wants to share these
 with her "best friends" so we shall!

our February celebrates two birthdays-
 my mom's on the 6th, she turns forty-five this year
 & Ryland's on the 12th, he turns four!

 this year we have decided to have a very special 
 birthday shared just with us for Ryland. 
 He gets to pick whatever he wants to do which 
 he has clarified so far as;
 1. his favorite breakfast 
 2. his free starbucks drink
(he got it in the mail and was so excited)
3. go to the movies
 4. go to lunch at chuck e cheese & play of course
(he's never been there)
 5. come home and eat cake!

 a fun filled day, right?
the perfect way to celebrate being four
 we're excited. 

also, this is the month (eep)
 that I'll be featured in Modern Ink. 
 thanks again Sarah, you flippin rock. 
 I can't wait to share this with you guys!

I have also had some plans in the works for
 a giveaway as a treat to my followers once I get to 200!
 I'm pretty close to it and I am so happy to have you all here.
 The giveaway will be something super special-
 so tell your friends about us!

p.s. it's a leap year!
 only 29 days.

happy February to you

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