what's today?

March 25, 2011

It's National Umbrella day!

 no really. 
 It's a day to give thanks to the our most favorite umbrella!
 why you ask? because it's always there when we need it!
 that is of course if we can remember it as we leave the house on a rainy day.

Let's face it, when this national day for love of umbreallas comes around, 
we hope we don't have to celebrate it by carrying it around in the rain
BUT we use them for way more than just that. 
 They are our shady companion on sunny days at the beach, 
as well as sharing a drink with us from time to time,
but best of all, they make a fabulous fashion statement. 

 So maybe today, if you want to just pop open your favorite umbrella 
 not indoors for some of you who have a fear of bad luck, 
 and show some appreciation by smiling up into your umbrella and saying
 "hey thanks!"

enjoy some umbrella love & inspiration


  1. this is a lovely collection of umbrellas!!

  2. Love the featured umbrellas. :)

  3. Thanks for letting me know about National Umbrella day...i had no clue. It was just an umbrella inspired day today! :-)