March 20, 2011

hello spring & good bye winter. 
I didn't see you there behind all of that cold weather.
It's good to finally have you here. please, won't you stay a while.

 This weekend has been about relaxing, not worrying, 
starting my lentil diet (I hate using that word, considering its 
not the only thing I will be eating, it just replaces the red meats
I used to eat), exercising more & soaking up the fresh 
air and sunshine outside with my munchkins.

enjoy our adventure
in picture but no particular order.
 little man. diet. black cherry. spin twirl dance.

 laughter. frozen. birdy. spring.

 thrift find. tuna melt. happiness in a cup. ode to japan.

 name tag. spicy mustard. all the way. mini pin wheels.

sweet sugar. earring holder. books. audrey.


  1. Yay for spring!

    I love the photo collages. :D

    Taylor Lynn <3

  2. You're welcome. :)

  3. I spy Audrey in there. Kindred spirits indeed x

  4. By the way, Tia, do you have an Etsy shop?