a slice of my etsy heart

March 25, 2011

goes to these little shops.
I am an avid lover of etsy and supporting
 homemade ideas and creations from the many lovely
 ladies and fellas who craft and sell!
 I wanted to share with you some of my favorite shops
 and items I have bought from these fabulous people!
I hope you enjoy them as much as my little family does.


  1. I just might have to stock up on that play clay from Mama K's!

    and I love everything about Maple Shade Kids.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. :) I absolutely love Mama K's play clay. Adriana and Ryland run around smelling like tangerines and lemongrass after making bird houses and caterpillars <3

  3. Great shops! Thanks so much for sharing. I've had my eye on the play clay for quite some time, I think it's time to go get some!!

  4. Isn't Etsy just fabulous?!

  5. It sure is! I will be posting more of my favorites as well as some of my future favorites to be <3 including yours!

  6. @Obella, it really is amazing stuff. You'll love it and so will your munchkins <3

  7. Thanks! I'm glad you like my photos. :) Do you have an Etsy shop? I'd like to check it out if you do!