afternoon tunes

March 26, 2011

some of my favorites. new & old.
open your ears & let your soul sing.

 ingrid michaelson

 sara barieilles

 mumford and sons

 jason mraz


  1. Oh my gosh, I almost laughed out loud. :) I love both of the first songs! I didn't know the others... but I saw the first two and had to comment. :)

  2. The others are just as good lady, so get with the program ;) I love all music, but this bunch of songs were in my head all afternoon so I thought I'd share!

  3. LOL I bet they are- we heard and liked Mumford & Sons on the Grammys, and I already know Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles, just not those particular songs. :) It's fun to share things you love, isn't it?