an off day, update.

March 25, 2011

I had posted about an off day
and it seemed at the time like it was one for the books.
 well, my update is a bit exciting.
 I checked my blackboard for developmental pyschology 
 and went to my grade book to see, horrified that my grade 
would obviously reflect my forgetting of an important exam 
and having all of twelve minutes to study before it started.
 I got a ninety-flippin-two.
 a 92!
 So far I've got a 90 on the first, 86 on the second and a 92 on the third, 
 you heard me right, the highest of my three exams
 was the exam I wasn't even prepared for. 
 but hey, I'm not complaining!!


  1. That is great! Congratulations on your great grade. Just goes to show, we know more than we think. :)

  2. Fabulous! Congratulations, Tia!

  3. You're very welcome. :)