class is calling

March 14, 2011

until next year spring break.
 a not so welcome hello to 9am class.
 I enjoyed sleeping in on the mornings munchkin 1 
& munchkin 2 felt like sleeping in.
 I enjoyed having time to make a delicious breakfast 
 instead of a quick pantry grab to the granola bars.
Today was my last day of spring break and it motivated me
 to take advantage and get the rest of my spring cleaning done. 
 A clean house= a happy mommy.

 I am excited about getting back to some of my classes.
I am looking forward to learning more about Japanese
culture in survey of non western art.
I still have this eerie feeling.
 Before spring break, I was far into studying not just the history
 of Japan, but the beginning of their art culture.
 And in my earth science class, we just started learning about
earth quakes and tsunami's. 

 My third day into Spring break, I turn on the television- 7am to
 see what I learned in earth science destroying what I learned
 about in art history- right in front my of eyes.
 It will definitely be odd walking into class learning further about both. 
 I may get emotional, like I do here at home watching CNN.
 It's absolutely horrifying.
 I remember thinking to myself
 "All of those beautifully built pagoda's and meditation houses,
all of the beautiful statues of Buddha and dragon protectors
will be ruined- and the hands that built them, swept away"
 "What a waste mother earth"

 Anyway. I just find what's happening there to be
so unfortunate and heart breaking.
And it continues to go on. 

 I pack my books, grab my pencil and get a good night's sleep.
 class is calling.

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