even though

March 13, 2011

today was sunny & beautiful & warm- I felt like a poop sandwich.
The last few days have been really hard.
I tried really hard to get myself out of bed and it wasn't until around two
that I got up, dressed and prepared for the day.
I fed the pup, got the kids lunch and we headed out in hopes that
my belly would stop hurting and my headache would disappear.

To do list: Saturday &Sunday
ryland's hair chop
park playground
frozen yogurt
    We got everything done but I still feel horrible. I hope this cramp monster
    disappears, and pronto. Here are some snap shots of our weekend.

    handsome little man; new hair cut.



    non fat, non dairy, orange mango sorbet
    with an insane amount of fruit.

     vanilla frozen yogurt with fruity pebbles.

     I got a bit inspired by the beauty of 
    an early spring being so near.
     spring is a bloom. 
    i love my front yard tree.

    beautiful flowers.

    love love love.


    our front yard stump.


    our stump.




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    1. Love the one with all your feet, so adorable! What awesome kiddos!