an off day.

March 22, 2011

we all have them, right.
 well, today was that day for me.
 things we're just, (sigh), off

 I didn't go to my first class this morning
One because my crazy art professor insists on believing her students
have no lives and can watch movies all day long.
 and well I hadn't had time to watch them yet.
And two, she told us not to come to class if we hadn't watched them, 
SO,  instead I decided to go to the 
McIver building to watch a movie for that class. 
 Just using the time I had accordingly. 

Well I watch what I can in the time I have.
This  allows me to get to my second class early. 
Developmental Psychology. 
 I see everyone around me with their notes out-
slightly studying.
I had remembered to myself days prior that 
 our exam was going to be Thursday, March 24th. 

 I was totally wrong. 
 you know that little lump you get in your throat when you're embarassed
 or know something is wrong.
I had about 10 of those. 

 So I pull out my notes, calmly but frantically repeating to myself-
"you're screwed, you're screwed, I'm screwed!"
I cram in anything and everything
I hadn't already learned from previous psychology classes,
 all of 12 minutes to really let it all soak in. 

 The material wasn't all that hard, I just needed to refresh my memory.
 Low and behold, my heart sinks as I receive my test. 
 The first 32 questions were a piece of cake, but the last 20 or so
 those were what those lumps in my throat were all about. 
 I skipped what I didn't know right away and answered the rest confidently.
 I told myself, no matter how badly I wanted to go back through it,
not to go back and change answers that I thought
I may have been unsure about.  I always go with memory and gut. 
I'm a horrible test taker anyways.

 I just felt so unprepared, as I should have because I was definitely unaware
 of the exam. I have never not studied for a test.
I have never been so unprepared. I'm always super organized. 
& I felt at that moment in realization of the exam being today, how behind I
 had been, and for what reason? I couldn't really think of why.


Aside from all of this, I decided to take a deep breath, 
pause for a moment and go about my day.
 I put myself back on track. 
I rented two out of the three movies I have to
watch for my non western art class, 
 I feel I did appropriately well on my psychology exam,
and I've got a delicious dinner planned.
So the night will consist of quality munchkin 
time before their bedtime at eight and then its
all about mommy time, snuggling up with 
"Princess Mononoke", "Woman in the Dunes" and 
a bowl of lentils & ricotta.


  1. Sorry about your off day :( They're no fun when they crop up!

  2. sorry about your day! Whenever I have a bad day my friend always tells me 'Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.' It usually helps a little :)
    How's your lentil diet going? I bought some yesterday but I haven't tried them yet!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)