fun friday

March 18, 2011

 & we love fun friday's!
we love being outside & finding new places around 
town that have healthy options to eat.
We ate with a friend today and had collards & a big green salad 
with tons of avocado and balsamic vinegar!
We played outside on our bikes & ran around for a while.
than ate a healthy mexican meal for dinner.


I must rant for a moment.
Every day I wake up, it's a new day.
and I plan to change things around- for the better. 
I can never seem to fulfill my list of new year resolution to do's
by the end of the year but darn it-
I feel I must do something.
So it's time.
I will stress less, give more, donate donate donate,
exercise a ton more than I think I already do and relax
rather than worry.
I worry too much.
As I sat watching my munchkins run around, listening to their 
bare feet pitter patter the ground, the sun kissing my skin
and the breeze blowing through my hair, 
I realized that I am not taking in enough of the good things around me
and instead letting the worry and stress eat me alive.
It was like it all got sucked up at the very moment.
A little enlightenment.
I am ready to be better.

It feels good to get this out.
Now its time to work on it.
My first goal: stress less & reaching goal weight.
I'll keep you updated, of course.

do you have 2011 resolutions?

1 comment:

  1. All of my resolutions this year involved slowing down and it has really improved my life. I decided to get chickens, start gardening, learn to knit, and read more for pleasure. So far, I've read 11 books, gotten 15 chickens (omg, love them!), and started a garden from seeds- all of which require me to just BE! :) I haven't had a moment yet to learn to knit, but I still have plenty of year left.

    The years move too fast for us to waste them worrying. I have to be mindful of that every day, since I'm a worrywort on the inside.