I must vent

March 29, 2011

but only for a brief moment. 
let me first point out that this isn't something that just happened once
but it has taken me this long for it to really bother me. sigh.
 It seems that everywhere I go, especially with my kids-
 I get these looks.
 you know, the kind where you know what people are thinking
 and they aren't thinking nice things. 
 well I have come to figure out that the people who act
 upon what they are thinking by saying so
 fill me in on what the others keep to themselves. 
 and I think its ridiculous.

 "You don't look old enough to have kids!"
 well who the hell asked you?

 I find it a bit disheartening that people can be so judgemental 
 and so rude to assume my age and believe I'm too young to have my own kids.
 I am old enough (even if I had my daughter at 18).
 I'm a responsible adult,  and on top of that, a loving and nurturing mother-
 more than I could probably say about any of those "thinkers"
 so yeah, I suppose it's a good thing that I don't look my age-
 that in fact these people think I am younger than my actual age of 23, almost 24.
 but give me a flippin break-
 I don't mind those who ask me and are genuine about it, 
but the women who ask me with a dirty look on their face, 
 like I'm this 16 year old girl who doesn't have a clue-
 those are the one's who can shove it.
 now, I am done. 
thank you for letting me vent <3
 and most importantly-
thanks for listening!

I'll be posting about the new Parenthood episode tonight, 
eep- I'm so excited I can hardly sit still.
&I will be posting pictures from our yummy dinner.


  1. People can be morons. You should have heard how the first midwife I interviewed spoke to me when she found out I was pregnant with my third child (and holy hell, a PLANNED child) at 23. She didn't get the job, needless to say.

    Brush it off and really, Tia, don't let it get to you. Us young moms (yes, even us two heathens that gave birth at 18 and 19) have loads of energy, empathy, creativity, old enough to know, but not too old to think we know it all. And when our kids are grown, we'll be the most badass grandmothers ever. Those snarky heifers can go fly a kite.

  2. I used to get the same thing! (I had my oldest at 18 too) I am 29 now and still get looks when people ask how old my kids are and try top make sense of how I can possibly have an almost 11 year old

  3. Ergh! What jerks! Good for you for not taking it to heart, "Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind!" You definitely don't need to worry about what those people thing, whats it to them anyway?! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog =) Can't wait to read more of yours!

  4. I think people are just jealous. I had my son when I was 19 (and a freshman at ecu!). For the longest time I was constantly asked by strangers how old I was. I'm now 25, married with three kids, ranging in ages 6-2, and have a degree in Elementary Education. I still occassionally get the age question, but the dirty looks have somewhat ceased. Though, I was out on an alone date with my husband a few weeks ago. A random lady asked me if he was my boyfriend. "No, he's my husband," I said. I got a shocked look for that, which I thought was mighty bizarre! We didn't even have kids with us! oh, some people.

  5. Thank you, ladies. It seems some people will just never stop being so nosy and at that, rude. It's almost as if they've been down the same road and can't get over the battles they had to fight. either way, I think alexandra says it best- they're just jealous ;)