ode to japan.

March 11, 2011

I find it so completely odd, even sitting in my university level earth science class, that no professor or expert of natural or earthly disasters will ever be able to explain why this stuff really happens. How can the people of Japan or the Hawaiian islands or anyone for that matter that live on island arcs, feel safe in their homes they've built for years? Do we really know why these things happen or do we just feel safe behind the research and knowledge we've been spoon fed for decades?

I was absolutely beside myself waking up this morning at 7am to find out about the 8.9 earth quake in Japan and the deadly tsunami that followed and destroyed minutes after- So strong in fact that the energy from the ocean floor rising and falling set tsunami warnings for the United States West coast and for Hawaii, among many more. Not only that but the aftermath of 50+ earth quakes ranging from 5.0-almost 7.0 magnitudes terrorize the already damaged city and victims.

I understand why it happens and the "technical" reasoning behind how earth quakes work and how tsunami's work but good grief- its not fair. Water destroys everything in it's path. The misery of the victims, the sadness and empty feeling of the family members and friends, I can't even fathom. My deepest deepest sympathy goes out to Japan- you all are in my heart & thoughts. President Obama has stated that our nation will help in what ever way we can. I tell you, if I didn't have two kids to take care of here- my butt would be on a plane when safe enough to help with the clean up process.

I walked outside, even though I could see the sun shining from my window and I felt like it shouldn't be sunny here. I don't quite know why, but I do know my heart is heavy & I am grateful.

beautiful sendai.

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