tube tuesday.

March 29, 2011

Glee was my favorite show on television until Parenthood 
came along and it stole my heart and undivided attention.
This show is exactly what parenthood entitles, family hardships, 
relationship battles, friend issues, love love love, 
all of the happy times & the every day things
we all face on a daily basis. It sums it all up in an hour every week- and I'll
be the first to admit, I'm a mushy, cry baby mess by the end of the episode
whether its happy or sad tears. This video below is just 
a sum of what the show is all about
with a slower version of their theme song, "Forever Young"
If you haven't seen it, let this sweep you off your feet and become a fan.
I surely know I am!!
I recommend this show to every one.


  1. Love this show, just watched last night's episode. So good :)

    and thanks for adding my button to your page!

  2. I LOVE Parenthood! I started watching because of Lauren Graham (I miss Gilmore Girls!) who plays Sarah, but now I just love it all the way around!