recipe box: eight

June 07, 2011

ginger zucchini with rice

what you need
zucchini: two (large) cleaned and chopped
 brown/wild rice: two cups
ginger dressing: two tablespoons
pepper: two teaspoons
salt: one pinch
garlic powder: one teaspoon
**or fresh garlic: the more the merrier!
extra virgin olive oil: three tablespoons

what to do
marinate chopped zucchini with olive oil
 fresh or powdered garlic, salt and pepper. 
set aside for about 15 minutes. 

while your zucchini hangs out-
prepare brown/wild rice
or rice of choice by brand directions.
usually takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes
depending on rice type.

after 15 minutes is up,
place a saute pan over med high heat-
give it just a second to heat up 
then place zucchini in pan carefully.
saute just until the zucchini starts to look a bit translucent.
**we like our veggies with a little bite!

place rice on plate
 add zucchini to top and
 drizzle ginger dressing over zucchini.

tip: you can saute the zucchini with the ginger dressing.
but don't add any extra salt at the end the
ginger dressing does the job. 

super simple and delicious


  1. Anna- yes ma'am! we have tons of it :)

    Beatrice- tell me about it lady! I had the ingredients and was in the mood for something good and came up with this! make it and let me know what you think.

  2. Hi! Following you from Follow Me, Chickadee! Blog Hop. Would love for you to visit and follow on my blog: Thanks! I have also opened up submissions for inclusion in a new family cookbook. You have such a yummy recipe I thought you might be interested!

  3. This is my favorite dressing! It is so delicious.

  4. yum! where do you find this dressing? I looked for ginger dressing when i was pregnant with carly and could find and authentic!

  5. Always looking for more ways to use zucchini! Thanks for following, following you back from the hop!

  6. thanks ladies <3

    em, you can find this brand anywhere- its usually where the packaged baby carrots, veggie dips and pre packaged lettuces are in the produce section of most grocery stores. Its usually up on the higher or top shelf!!

  7. Mmmm! That looks super yummy! I should send you some Soy Ginger dressing from TJ's. It is incredible. We use on salad, fish, grilled meat, etc.

  8. Ummm I seriously am obsessed with that ginger dressing.. I've been using it for years! They sell it at Publix, if you live in the south.

  9. I have never seen a Publix! I live in North Carolina- I buy it at Lowe's and Harris Teeter <3