things that make me happy IV

June 29, 2011

I've jumped into second 
session summer school
 its loads hotter outside
 and I am in the middle of transforming
 to the old stricter with food, skinny, me.
 slowly but surely.

adriana and ryland
 are healthy and happy
 that's all I could ask for
 but I let go of taking care of me.
 so I decided its time
time to be healthy not just
 with what goes into my mouth
but loving my body, 
 loving my skin, 
loving who I am. 
 and it feels good.

 so here are some things
 that have made me happy lately.
 I promised I would get back to 
 blogging, so here goes!
 a giveaway with a dear friend soon
 and an amazing giveaway with stubby pencil studio
 after that, both of which I am 
 so excited about for my followers.

 ready for the pool!

adriana wanted to model her
 her new bathing suit.

blurry picture but
I captured their silliness. 

crispy greens w/ grilled chicken
walnuts, pineapple, strawberries
blueberries & oranges.
 lots of this 
ice cold stuff

can't get enough

 ripe & sweet
 so delicious
 I crave broccoli
 all day, every day.

 we always have 
 grapes to snack on.
 nc grown sweet potatoes
 baked and topped with tons of black pepper.

 avocado mash/spread
 I used this for grilled chicken.
 dinner one night:
organic chicken, broccoli & smashed avocado.
 paired with our salad
 which we have almost every night.


  1. I crave broccoli too. I went through a phase where I ate it three meals a day :o) love your pictures!

  2. Those strawberries look amazing and I really want to eat your salad.

  3. Yum, Yum, Yum!!! Looks like yall are having fun :)

  4. trying to enjoy summer as much as possible <3 thank you ladies!!

  5. *gasp* avocados! sweet potatoes!! veggies and fruit! Oh man, I wanna eat at your house someday!

    Thanks so much for that super sweet comment on my blog, tia. You really made me smile :)

  6. This post just made me really hungry ( :