aaand breathe.

June 24, 2011

it feels good to be done with summer session one.
 sadly, second session starts Monday.
 but thank goodness, a break- saturday and sunday
 with nothing to worry about but my munchkins, 
 hubby time, and finally- THE POOL and sun, 
 all things I can enjoy without having to worry 
 about reading for class or doing a 20 page paper.

 I took my two finals today. 
 I know I did really good. 
 I studied hard all semester 
 and it paid off-
 I got a 100 on my midterm 
 a couple of weeks ago, 
I knew after that, that I was on the right track.
 and this is where I take that big sigh of relief.
 final grades should be posted by Sunday night. 

 I will be thoroughly
 enjoying my weekend. 
 I will be back to blogging;
 pictures, etsy finds, recipes and more.
 plus I have a really great giveaway coming up.
 and I think I may do some sponsorship
 stuff with some really great ladies soon.
adriana's birthday and birthday party are coming up soon
 she's going to be five, yes five!
 and this momma, turns twenty four on the 22nd.
great things coming up.
 I'm super stoked.
oh and a happy belated summer to you.

 all in all, things are really great around here.
what are your plans for the weekend?



  1. yay Tia! Way to go with those grades and studying hard. Enjoy your school-free weekend to the fullest!

  2. thank you love <3 by the way, I need to talk to you lady.