recipe box: nine

June 13, 2011

Mediterranean pasta

what you need
whole wheat pasta of choice: 8 ounces
cherry tomatoes: two cups
fresh baby spinach: four cups
sweet onion: one whole (sliced)
kalamata olives: one cup (pitted and halved)
garlic: one head
fresh feta: 1/4 cup
 olive oil: 1/4 cup
vegetable stock: as needed
salt and pepper: to taste

what to do 
heat oven to 350 degrees.
 wrap cloves of garlic or
 cut end off of the head of garlic-
place in foil, drizzle tablespoon of olive oil
 salt and pepper and roast for thirty minutes.

 as your garlic roasts
you need to have two things going-
your water started for the pasta &
 heating your wok to a med high heat
 with a couple tablespoons of olive oil.

 saute onion for five minutes with a touch of salt.
 once almost translucent 
add kalamata olives, cooking for another five minutes.
 **use vegetable stock if sticking occurs.
(you want to cook this over med high heat)
so use the stock as needed!
 add tomatoes and allow to cook 
until they are a bit soft.
adding more stock and covering pan
 will allow this process to speed up.
once tomatoes are at desired softness
 add spinach- this will wilt fast.
 cook for about two minutes.

pasta should be done by this point
 add to the top of vegetables in the wok.
 toss together so they become happy together- 
add feta, plate up and enjoy!