I absolutely

June 22, 2011

can honestly say
 that I am so completely
 and totally ready 
 for the beach
this summer.

 this year its just hubby and I
 but next year, it will be the four of us.
 we took Adriana when she was one
 and since just the two of us have never been 
 on a vacation alone together
 and with my lovely mom and dad
 patient and cool enough 
 to take the kids for a weekend
 we are able to go to the beach 
 and relax and regroup and
 relax again and enjoy each other.
 I need it.
I need to get away from here.
 I am ready for it.
 I am very grateful.
 and I am super stoked.

 hello sea.
 hello sand.
hello crisp salty air.


  1. I can not wait to go to the beach as well.....its only 45 minutest away...just need a sunny day to go.

  2. We just hit the beach this past weekend.
    And today the weather wasn't overwhelming.
    It's been gloomy all day.
    Btw, your children are adorable.