the unposted (fathers day)

June 21, 2011

our father's day was a lot of fun!
 we enjoyed an early breakfast with my family
 and spent the evening with matt's side of the family.
I forgot our camera that morning 
so there are absolutely no pictures of the kids at my parents
but I had a chance to grab it before we took our
 drive out to reidsville for the bridge's cookout.
the pictures are of our munchkins and their cousin Daelan
 enjoying each others company.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and
 are in full motivation to finish up the week for another!
I surely know I am.

"the best daddy in the whole world"

and to end
  adriana got her white dress all wet playing in the pool 
before they got into their bathing suits
 so I had to put on her cover up which looks better as a dress
 and she loves it this way more than the other way
 so it has become her favorite "dress" from now on-
she looks fabulous <3


  1. Aw such cute pics. Glad y'all had such a nice weekend!

    ps I emailed you a few weeks ago...did you get it???

  2. no ma'am I didn't! send it to, my emails have been messing up.