weekend recap

June 13, 2011

The past couple of weeks have been hectic
 and I've been trying to keep up with posts daily but
 it really does slip away from me
 with all of the madness going on.
 so this is a condensed version 
 of our weekend and a white flag
 surrendering to the no posting monster
who will take over the next couple of days
 due to school work that has to get done
 considering the session is wrapping up on it's fifth week.
 thanks for all of the support on the
 last post "a post more so about books"!
 you girls rock.

 saturday. picnic.
 graham crackers.
 grapes. pretzels. 
 pb&j. tuna salad.
 tuna smile. addi butt.
 park fun.

 sunday. fresh dill.
homemade potato salad.
daddy's birthday.
 pretty girl.

avocado & krab.
 25 cent apricots.
gusto soy sauce.
 blueberry lemon muffin.
jalapeno cheddar scone.
 best green tea ever.
 dirty chai please.


  1. Lovely pictures - your family is beautiful and the sushi looked really yummy! I'm your newest follower from the Monster Hop - would love a follow back!
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  2. Your kids are adorable!
    Btw, I just stumbled upon your blog.
    I'm your newest follower.
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  3. Hi mama! Looks like you have been super busy! Good luck on the rest of your schoolwork! You are one awesome lady to balance everything! <3